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Importance of Routine Pediatric Eye Exams

Healthy eyes are an important part of good overall health. Your child’s visual development plays a vital role in their capacity to socialize and learn effectively. To ensure the optimum visual development of your child, you should schedule them for routine appointments with an eye care doctor. 

Benefits of MiSight® 1 Day Contact Lenses

Kids spend most of their hours playing and discovering new things both at home and in school. Kids with healthy eyes and good vision can do these activities more easily than those with vision problems such as myopia. Left untreated, this condition may worsen.

What to Know Before Getting Ortho-k Contact Lenses

Many people who are not interested in eye surgeries to correct their vision find ortho-k a great alternative. Ortho-k, or orthokeratology in full, is an eye treatment option that works just like braces for your teeth. It reshapes your eye to help you have clearer vision after you remove the lenses.

Why Start Your Child on Myopia Control Early?

According to studies, myopia has increased worldwide in recent years and is endemic in children. But through myopia management, professionals can slow down shortsightedness progression at an early age. While myopia can also onset and progress in early adulthood, most cases of myopia start to develop in childhood before the age of 10. How can you tell if your child has myopia?

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