Benefits of MiSight® 1 Day Contact Lenses

Kids spend most of their hours playing and discovering new things both at home and in school. Kids with healthy eyes and good vision can do these activities more easily than those with vision problems such as myopia. Left untreated, this condition may worsen.

All parents want their kids to lead active, fun-filled, and healthy lives. Whether they are learning new things at school, riding a bike, or even playing pretend, myopia can make it difficult for kids to enjoy their favorite activities. Fortunately, there are contact lenses specifically designed to help kids with myopia.


What Is Myopia?

Also known as nearsightedness, myopia is one of the most common vision conditions, including in kids. People with this condition find it difficult to see things far away. It is the most common refractive error seen in kids. It begins to develop as kids get older. Usually, it is not present at birth.


Difference Between Non-refractive and Refractive Errors

Vision problems fall into two main categories: non-refractive errors and refractive errors. Non-refractive errors stem from various eye diseases. Refractive errors, on the other hand, occur when the eye is unable to focus the light that enters it, resulting in blurred vision.


What Are MiSight 1 Day Contact Lenses?

These are the first soft contact lenses approved by the FDA designed to slow the progression of myopia in kids. They have two vision treatment zones and a wide central correction zone intended to provide myopic defocus.

These innovative lenses show proven results in slowing the progression of nearsightedness in kids aged 8 to 12 years at the treatment’s initiation. Compared to single vision eyeglasses, CooperVision MiSight 1 day lenses do not change euphoria or accommodation in kids. Thus, they are not similar to multifocal lenses. Their specific purpose is to control myopia.



One of the many remarkable outcomes of using MiSight lenses is that nearly 25 percent of kids’ eyes originally fit with these lenses remain stable even after six years. This proves the efficacy of these specially designed lenses. Other benefits include:


They Are Easy to Use and Safe

Kids as young as eight years old can safely use MiSight 1 day lenses. These disposable lenses do not cause stress while using them. Also, they do not require any maintenance. Hence, you do not need to deal with daily cleaning practices. Furthermore, pathogens, debris, and other impurities do not collect in MiSight lenses at all. This will help your child maintain good eye health.


They Are Quite Effective

These contact lenses can slow down the progression of myopia in kids by almost 60 percent. They can help control axial length increases and the refractive error in the eyes of young kids.


They Use ActivControl® Technology

Developed by CooperVision, this technology combines distance correction zones with peripheral treatment zones. This creates a form of retinal defocuses intended to slow the progression of nearsightedness.

This technology makes MiSight contact lenses convenient for young kids as well as adults. Additionally, these lenses are easy to handle, even for young patients, and the bedtime routine is simple and fast. Routine eye exams and MiSight 1 day contact lenses can stop this progressive eye disease from worsening.

To learn more about MiSight 1 day lenses, visit Hunter Family Vision at our offices in Leawood or Prairie Village, Kansas. You can call (913) 681-8555 or (913) 381-2323 today to schedule an appointment.

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